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 Application Fee Information

Effective April 19, 2022, the FCC began to require a fee of $35 to file certain amateur radio applications.

Applications that require a fee are:

  • Applications for a new license.
  • Applications to renew a license.
  • Applications for a vanity call sign.

Applications that do not require a fee are:

  • Applications to upgrade the licensee's operator class.
  • Applications to change the licensee's name.
  • Applications to change the licensee's contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, or phone number).
  • Applications for a new, sequentially-issued call sign.

WARNING! If you do not pay the application fee within 10 calendar days after the application is received by the FCC, the application will be dismissed. Fees paid after 10 days will be forfeited -- there are no refunds.

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