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 Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to get an amateur radio license?

What information will I have to provide?

Do I need to bring my own pencils, paper, calculator, etc.?

If I bring my own calculator, does it matter if it is a "Scientific Calculator"?

Can I use my cell phone as a calculator?

I have a GMRS license. Can I use that FRN for my amateur radio license?

I have an expired license that had an FRN. Do I need to apply for another FRN?

I have an FRN that begins with the digits "213". Can I use that FRN?

Why is there a felony question on the application form?

What do I need to bring to an exam session?

What are the current element credits and what proof do I need that I am eligible for a credit?

I have an expired license and want to claim the element credit. What do I have to do?

What will the exam session be like?

What accommodations can be given to disabled applicants?

Can I take an examination online at home?

If I fail my exam can I retest right away?

I just upgraded. How long do I have to wait before I can use my new license privileges?

How soon after I pass my exam can I start operating an amateur radio station?

Do I have to pass a Morse code exam?

I heard or read something about grandfathered licenses. What is that?

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